Sunday, September 5, 2010

reunion show 10-10-10

At the Bottom of the Hill.
Matt Sullivan, guitar, Matt Royston,fiddle, Wally Sound, Guitar, Steven Strauss, bass, Melanie DiGiovanni, drums, Mary O'Neil, vocals

The SF Weekly says:

Don't mess with the Wannabe Texans: It seems safe to assume that San Francisco is one of the only places in the world that could produce a musical outfit that considered itself a "bike-messenger band." That's how vocalist Mary O'Neil describes the Wannabe Texans, her late-'80s twang-friendly rock band that has re-formed for a show at Bottom of the Hill on Sunday, Oct. 10, around Bike Messenger Appreciation Day.

"The folks putting on the bike-messenger reunion convinced us to play for old time's sake," says O'Neil, who notes that the band had such disparate influences as the Carter Family and Gang Of Four. "It's not likely to happen again." During its short existence, the Wannabes put out one full-length in the UK on the Mekons' Sin label as well as lots of unofficial cassettes. ("That's right, cassettes," she confirms.)

O'Neil and bassist Brad Johnson went on to form alt-country outfit Virginia Dare, and the other members have also developed impressive résumés, including guitarist Wally McClellan, who runs his Wally Sound studio out in Oakland, and guitarist Matt Sullivan, who did time in Tarnation. Expect to see all original members onstage on Sunday, and make sure to head down to Bottom early: The all-ages show begins at 3 p.m.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trips to England

In 1989, Mary went to England to visit our friend Victoria. While she was there, Robert Worby taped a few songs with Mary singing and playing a very out-of-tune autoharp. Here's Swimming in the Trees.

In 1991, Mary and I went over to promote 'Alcohol is a Cheap Perfume', just out on Snat records. We did a little radio tour in lieu of a honeymoon (having just been married). I played electric bass. Rob Worby was our chaperone and guitarist. Here's a broadcast recording of Las Vegas, not real listenable but there you go.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alcohol is a Cheap Perfume

Album available again for download:

The hinges broke on our old titanium powerbook, so I don't like to move it... but hopefully, over the holiday break, I will take it down to the basement and record a few more songs off the old cassette tapes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Last show, 11-16-91

The last Wannabe Texans show was at the Paradise Lounge. We played the first set with no drummer, and for the second set, Tim Vaughan aka 'the Professor' joined us on drums. Wally brought a wheel of fortune for contestants to spin. We gave away t-shirts, records, and a cake. We were having a great time that night, and didn't want to stop. The club finally pulled the plug on us. We kept on playing, without electricity. The Paradise Lounge guy was yelling that we would never play the Paradise again. I'm sorry that the tape ran out before the end, but here are a few songs that did get preserved on a low-quality cassette:

Tank was Greg's favorite Wannabe Texans song. This seems to be the only recording ever made of it. Forgiven is another song that I can't find any other recordings of.
Like I Do was played often, but seldom recorded. Penelope Houston did a cover of it.
Goin' There Again is a Weenie Roast song that we did.