Sunday, June 3, 2007

Last show, 11-16-91

The last Wannabe Texans show was at the Paradise Lounge. We played the first set with no drummer, and for the second set, Tim Vaughan aka 'the Professor' joined us on drums. Wally brought a wheel of fortune for contestants to spin. We gave away t-shirts, records, and a cake. We were having a great time that night, and didn't want to stop. The club finally pulled the plug on us. We kept on playing, without electricity. The Paradise Lounge guy was yelling that we would never play the Paradise again. I'm sorry that the tape ran out before the end, but here are a few songs that did get preserved on a low-quality cassette:

Tank was Greg's favorite Wannabe Texans song. This seems to be the only recording ever made of it. Forgiven is another song that I can't find any other recordings of.
Like I Do was played often, but seldom recorded. Penelope Houston did a cover of it.
Goin' There Again is a Weenie Roast song that we did.


oliver said...

Awesome. I had no idea Pokey's version was a cover.

David Woycechowsky said...

Thanks for putting these up. they are now in my radio loop at:

Melsky and I listened to Alcohol Is A Cheap Perfume on the drive from Niagara Falls to Toronto today. It kicked ass as ever. those songs are just so fun to sing in the car. I wish there was karaoke of it somewheres. I can't sing it as well as Mary, but I have the same range and can hit all the notes. Great notes, they are, too!

David Woycechowsky said...

I had completely forgotten about "Forgiven." I can't believe it has been so many years since I heard it. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember it like a top forty hit from when I was 14. I literally have goosebumps. Thank you SO MUCH for putting it up.

jdenver said...

excellent. thanks for posting this - yet another flashback down memory lane.

I still have the flyer and t-shirt from this show.

It was a happy and sad evening.