Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alcohol is a Cheap Perfume

Album available again for download:

The hinges broke on our old titanium powerbook, so I don't like to move it... but hopefully, over the holiday break, I will take it down to the basement and record a few more songs off the old cassette tapes.


Rainy Day Sponge said...

Thank you for making this available. I've listened to Wannabe Texans in 1991, from "Devouring Our Roots" comp, but didn't had the chance to listen to Alchool LP.
I discovered your site only yesterday, when I did some research for my post on, I download it and I'm listening to it since then.
Thanks again.

Duluoz said...

I know this is years and years after a single post has been made and I probably won't get a response, but a diehard Mekons fans turned me onto the Wannabe Texans and I'd really like a chance to hear Alcohol is a Cheap Perfume!

On the off-chance you actually read this, could you be so kind as to reupload the album?

Thanks for the great music!